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Product Details:
Product Length: 6.0 inches
Product Width: 4.4 inches
Product Height: 1.5 inches
Product Weight: 0.12 pounds
Package Length: 4.4 inches
Package Width: 4.4 inches
Package Height: 0.7 inches
Package Weight: 0.15 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 24 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 24 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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5The Reason For Matte Black  Jan 28, 2003
By Paul Guba
Due to the way inks are made Epson has found it necessary to micro-encapsulate the Photo Black ink. The reason for doing this was to allow the inks to better adhere to the glossy and semi-gloss. These same inks however will powder and rub of on other papers most notably the art type and matte. So Epson wisely created two black inks. How black these inks appear has nothing to do with which one is chosen. I measured a L value of 13.82 with my Photospectrometer not as dark as some other ink sets but still very good

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4Works as expected  Feb 16, 2007
By Kelly Shipp
I have the Epson 2200 and this is the only ink I purchase for it. Works consistently, as expected.

5Too expensive but very reliable inks  May 12, 2013
By Jeff Wignall "Photographer, Author and Radio Host"
I have been using an Epson 2200 printer for years and I love it. I originally used it primarily for photos, but now use it for text as well--I just got tired of paying to ink two different printers. I have to say though, in years of using this printer, the inks have proven to be extremely reliable and their colors are intensely accurate. I really wish the cartridges were bigger and cheaper, but I don't imagine I'll get my wish. For now, very happy with the inks and in love with the printer.

5Best for my printer  Dec 22, 2014
By Amazon Customer
What can I say? This ink works with my printer and I prefer the Matte Black because I mostly use it on documents. The Photo Black is better for photographs. I tried to use an aftermarket brand that advertised as being for my printer but it was horrible and leaked all over the place. I'm back to using the Epson brand with my Epson 2200. They work as they are supposed to.

1Not a good deal  Nov 25, 2011
By Karen from Eaton "Eatonite Book worm"
The Epson To34120 Inkjet Cartridges was for my Epson Printer Stylus 2200 and the price was great for the cartridges. The shipping costs were lousy and I will not order again. The shipping costs were twice the amount I paid for the cartridges. I bought three cartridges for under $5.00 ea. and the shipping costs were $24.00. Not a good deal.

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