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Product Details:
Product Length: 4.0 inches
Product Width: 4.0 inches
Product Height: 22.0 inches
Product Weight: 1.32 pounds
Package Length: 25.3 inches
Package Width: 2.9 inches
Package Height: 2.8 inches
Package Weight: 2.05 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 85 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 85 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

49 of 49 found the following review helpful:

5Great monopod  Aug 13, 2006
By TimMd
I have been using this monopod for years. It is especially helpful when doing video work as it can be used in a crowded room, like a wedding reception, without getting under foot. I have also used it to hold the camera over 12' to look down at the center of a group. It also helps counterbalance the camera as you move about. If you need an extremely stable camera platform, without the large tripod footprint, get this monopod.

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5Outstanding!  Aug 06, 2005
By Lodge2
A little heavy for what it is desinged for, but that's because it is built like a tank. Compared to other similar items, it may be 2x the price but it is 10x the quality.

I bought this for several small cameras that I take out for family outings. It is probably overkill for my small digital camera, but it keeps the camera still which helps prevent blurry pictures.

It retracts to a relatively compact size and has a padded grip area with a wrist strap. This is definitely a quality piece of equiment and Bogen seems to have one of the best reputations of camera support manufacturers.

50 of 51 found the following review helpful:

5One Solid Monopod!  Jan 19, 2008
By M. Pickering
I have never owned a monopod before, so I had no idea what to look for in this type of product. I turned to the helpful reviews here on to assist me in my selection. It became quite clear that the Bogen-Manfrotto line was the best choice due to the rave reviews they receive. I decided to go with the three section, black anodized model, as it seemed like the best, most cost effective model to choose from here on Amazon. I wanted a carbon fiber model but they were out of my price range.

I am very impressed with this Bogen-Manfrotto monopod. It is fairly light weight, easy to use, quick to setup, and it straps very nicely to my Canon 100DG Bag for Canon SLR Cameras. I can't stress enough just how solid the build is of this monopod. It is strong and shows no sign of fatigue with my Canon 40D digital SLR camera, Canon 580EX flash and my Canon 70-300mm IS/USM lens attached. I think it is important to note that you should mate a quality built swivel/tilt or ball head to this monopod. I chose the Bogen-Manfrotto 486RC2 Compact Ball Head with RC2 Rapid Connect System for mine, which I am also very impressed with.

I will not go into detail about the specifications of this item, as you can easily find this information in the description here on Amazon. All I can say is, from a users standpoint, this Bogen-Manfrotto monopod is awesome! If you are looking for a high quality monopod for your still or digital camera, I would highly recommend that you purchase this model. Although I have to be honest about the fact that I have no reference to compair this model to, I must insist that I am not basing my review on using lightweight equipment with this monopod. My camera, lens and flash combination place a fair amount of weight on this device, and it has proven to be a rock solid stabilizing device for shooting pictures. For the lost cost of this model I just can't see how you can go wrong.

40 of 40 found the following review helpful:

5the best monopod!  Jun 16, 2009
By rah101
As others have said, this is a great monopod. You may be wondering what the difference is between this, the 679, and another model a lot like it, the 680. I have both and I much prefer the 679. The 680's main feature is that its minimum length (i.e. fully collapsed) is less than the 679. However, you give up something for this increased portability - the 680 is fatter and heavier than the 679, and the extra section makes it slower to deploy. For most uses, it really doesn't matter how long the monopod is when it's collapsed, so unless you need it to fit in a travel bag or backpack, you are better off with the 679.

I'd also recommend getting the Manfrotto 234RC Monopod Head for use with any monopod.

22 of 24 found the following review helpful:

5Good choice  Apr 16, 2007
By L. Weiss
Substantial yet light weight, easy to use. I bought this to take pictures at tennis matches and in the theatre (high school plays), with my Nikon D70s. I'm very pleased with my choice. It comes in a clear plastic sleeve, so I might consider a carrying case of some sort in the future. I'm new to photography beyond the point-and-shoot pocket cameras, and was a bit confused in the beginning, thinking I needed an attachment to get it to fit my camera even though I had checked the specs before I ordered. I soon realized that if you just push on the mounting screw head, the spring-loaded outer screw gives way to an inner, smaller screw that fits my Nikon perfectly.

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